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Fight4Xander is a group of family, friends and acquaintances who started a fundraiser for Xander's treatment in Germany. Xander has been fighting against [neuroblastoma] for two and a half years now, with no certainty of a full recovery. But now there's a new hope to cure Xander.

Please help us!

Xander is an energetic 8-year-old boy. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 [Neuroblastoma] on the January 29th of January in 2010. This is an highly aggressive form of child cancer. When diagnosed, he had a tumor on his right outer kidney, which had spread out to his hips, upper right leg, spine and skull. The odds for survival for children with [Stage 4 Neuroblastoma] is very small. Out of 25 children only 5 eventually make it through.

Since January 2010, Xander has been going through intense therapy. This involves MIBG-therapy, a number of chemo treatments, surgery and stem cell research, eventually wrapping up with immunotherapy in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA. It hasn't come to that point yet. The combined treatment of MIBG-therapy and chemo have not yielded sufficient  results; the spreading was not eliminated enough and the tumor did not shrink. The medical team in the Erasmus Medical Centre decided to have Xander under go the TOTEM treatment (a combination of chemotherapy: Topetecan and Temozolomide), but this will only keep the disease stable. He's currently doing this every five weeks. But there will be a time that  the TOTEM therapy won't be able to contain the cancer any longer, and then there will be no more treatments possible in the Netherlands.

The doctors of the Erasmus Medical Centre  have good relations with the Oncologic Center in Greifswald, Germany. Prof. Dr. Lode has recently developed a therapy against [Neuroblastoma] called RIST, though it is still in an experimental phase. Xander and his parents travelled to Germany in 2012 to meet with Prof. Dr. Lode and he is willing to give the treatment to Xander. The fact that the therapy is still experimental and takes place in Germany means that their health insurance company (Zilveren Kruis Achmea) won't be able to cover the healthcare.

We won't stand for that! Courageously, Xander has optimistically going through all the aforementioned treatments without any major additional side effects. He insists to go to school as often as he can, to participate in anything he can. Xander deserves our biggest efforts to get him the best treatment. That's why his family and friends started the foundation Fight4Xander with the goal to raise enough funds to tackle the costs for his healthcare.


This may be the only chance for Xander. All donations are most welcome, no matter how big or how small.


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